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Residential Snow Throwers, Dual-Stage Snow Blowers and More!

We all know that the upcoming winter season is bound to evoke a few moans and groans, especially for homeowners who live in an area that receives a significant amount of snow. The good news is you no longer have to dread the inevitable snowfall as there are several effective ways for removing it, like snow blowers. You’ve probably seen professional workers using these to clear the snow from commercial properties but why not get one for yourself and stop the hassle of shoveling for all those months? Here at Bontrager Engine Service, we’re committed to helping our customers find products that’ll make their lives easier. We’ve gathered some helpful information on snowblowers so you can decide if you should invest in one.

Before you run out and purchase any snow blower, make sure you ask yourself a few questions. First of all, you’ll want to consider how large the area is that you need to clear, the amount of storage space you have available, and how often you receive snow and will need to use your equipment to clear it. The most common options are electric, gas, and diesel snow blowers. Electric models tend to be more compact and are best for clearing smaller areas. These snow blowers are powered through a cord that needs to be connected to a standard wall outlet. Remember that this means you’ll be limited in how far you can travel. As for the gas and diesel models, these can cover more ground in less the time. There is a larger size range for these models, which means they can possibly take up a substantial amount of space depending on the model you choose. Be sure you choose a model that you have adequate storage space for.

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