2019 BCS America Precision Vegetable Seeder


BCS America
Precision Vegetable Seeder



BCS and Hoss Tools have partnered to produce a seeder attachment that brings ease and efficiency to the direct seeding of vegetables in your garden.

The seeder can be used individually using the BCS standard Draw Bar (models 710 and up), or used in multiples (up to 4) by utilizing the 40” Draw Bar (models 732 and up).

Each seeding unit features:

• Seed plates that lie flat in the hopper, ensuring accurate planting without wasting seed.

• Adjustable and calibrated planting depths from ¼” to 1 ½” achieved by two rolling coulter discs that follow a small leveling wheel.

• Six seed plates that accommodate all seeds from small (mustard, turnips) to large (beans, corn). Optional blank plates are also available and easy to customize.

• Removable hopper to conveniently fill and empty seed;

• A drag chain behind the seed drop for covering, followed by a 15” diameter steel wheel to firm the ground for positive seed-to-soil contact.

• An adjustable mounting frame that: enables the seeder to be level, regardless of the tractor’s tire size; enables the seeder to be vertical when planting across a slope; and enables the seeder side-to-side float when planting on a contour.

When planting in beds rather than in single rows, BCS wheel extensions can place the tractor wheels in the walkways. This enables multiple rows to be directly seeded within the bed without the use of strings or markings of any kind. An amazing time-saver!


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