How Often Should I Change My Mower Blades?


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How Often Do I Need to Replace My Lawn Mower Blades?

How often you change or sharpen your lawn mower blade depends on the type of grass you have, size of your yard and how often you use your mower. For a typical homeowner, every couple of months the blade will need sharpened, or even once a month if you mow more than once/week.

Three Things to Look for:

1. Unevenness. Does your yard grass length look uneven after you mow? You may need to change out your blades or get them sharpened. When your blade is sharp, your grass will be cut at the same height every time with just one pass. If you’re making multiple passes to even out your yard, it may be due to a dull blade.

2. Torn or Non-Cleanly Sliced Grass. Take an up-close look at your grass. If you notice that the tips of your grass blades are torn and/or not cleanly slicked, it may be time to switch out your blades. Furthermore, ripped and damaged grass will lead to decreased grass health, causing grass to lose its lush, green color.

3. Look at the Blade Itself. Look for large chips or dents in the cutting edge that can’t be smoothed out. Over time, sand, dirt and other yard debris can erode your blade, causing the metal to weaken and even become paper-thin.

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