Lawn Care Tips


Tips on Lawn Care

Lawns aren’t in the business of looking great all on their own. Healthy, well-manicured grass takes a lot of work, and while the reward is the endless joy of the perfect lawn, you’ll need the right tools and knowhow to get the job done. We here at Bontrager Engine Service share a passion for lawn care, and we’ve gone ahead and gathered some basic tips here for our customers. While you won’t become a lawn care pro overnight, some of this information should help you start your journey.

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Watering and Soil Health

Grass lawns need watering. No big surprise there, but there’s a lot of specifics you can take care of in your watering for better results. Water too much, and your lawn becomes vulnerable to disease. Water too little, and it starts dying. Most lawns need about an inch of water per week, depending on the variety. A timed system is a great way to ensure consistent watering, but make sure to set it to go off in the morning, since wet grass sitting overnight is more prone to disease.

Aeration is a great way to keep your lawn healthy and happy. Grass thatching can build up and prevent water and air from circulating in the soil, leading to all manner of other problems. Aerate once a year or two to ensure your lawn can hold and circulate water and other nutrients properly.

Weed Wars

Keeping weeds under control can be extremely difficult, and once you lose control, they’ll turn your yard into a veritable jungle of tangled leaves and vines. Get weeds while they’re still young so they can’t spread their seeds and make the problem worse. Mulching is a great way to prevent weeds from getting a start, starving them of light and air.

Underappreciated in letting weeds be. Of course, you want to deadhead or pull any that get far enough along, but too much digging around is only going to make things worse by mixing up the soil and giving deeply planted weed seeds a chance to reach the surface.


Disease and weeds are harsh, but nothing literally eats up a lawn faster than pests. While most critters you find in and around your lawn are going to be important parts of your lawn’s ecology, there are certainly some to be on the lookout for that either cause your lawn damage or draw in other more damaging animals. The best way to defend against pests is to be aware of exactly what kind of critters get up to no good in your area, whether it’s beetle larva or some hitherto unknown bug. Contact your local county extension office for more information about local soil health and pest threats.

We hope some of these tips have been helpful for better understanding lawn care basics. If you’re ready for some advanced lawn care tactics, or you’re just after a look at some great new and used lawn care equipment, head into Bontrager Engine Service in Shipshewana, Indiana, where we proudly serve all of Indiana, from Shipshewana to Topeka, as well as Sturgis and our neighbors in Southern Michigan. Come in today and talk with our team of experts who’ll answer your questions and help you find what you’re looking for.

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